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Veld Grass Cutting

For any area that requires tractor for maintenance, we can deliver professional lawn mowing services. This would be typical roadsides or a large veld where a normal lawn mower just won't do!

Commercial Lawn

If you need to maintain a large area with an established lawn, like a school or office area, we have a large team of skilled workers to do the job quickly and neatly!

Home Gardening Service

A home's garden is the first thing people see when visiting you. Therefore it needs to be perfect all the time. We keep your lawn and flower beds up to standard and looking its best!

Our Services:





Veld grass cutting

Typical veld or roadside areas that require tractors and that doesn’t have an established lawn

Commercial lawn

Typical plant, office or school area where there is an established lawn

Home garden service

Residential property including mowing of lawn and clearing flower beds which is done ever 2 weeks

Rubble removal

Removing and dumping of garden refuse

Tree felling

Cutting down and removing of large trees

Full nursery

Trees, shrubs, flowers and a host of other plants



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Security When performing veld grass cutting jobs often tractors must be left on site which require security is security is not provided by the client


Food allowance per day for workers who overnight on site